Dec 02 2012

I interrupt this break for this semi-important message

Yeah, yeah, I’m still on a break. Lounging around and holding down the couch and all that. Doing nothing* won’t do itself, you know.

But I wanted to let the Chicago area folk know that I’m giving a presentation on parenting 2e kids this Thursday, December 6th. Actually, presentation may be a bit much. Let’s call it a discussion between overwhelmed parents. Imagine laid back, and you’re there. Details can be found at the Chicago Gifted Community Center website.

If you come, please be gentle. I’ve never given a presentation on 2e, parenting, 2e parenting, or anything other than flute playing, so I’m kinda flying blind on this one. I am not an expert on anything, but a living lab; I’ve tried a lot in the last 11 1/2 years, I’ve heard a LOT from other parents, and hopefully by getting together and sharing what we all know we’ll create something bigger. Or something.

Hope to see you there on Thursday night. I’ll go back to doing nothing now.


*Doing nothing = working my ass off on several very different projects at the same time.

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  1. BeckyG

    Wish I could be there but I’m a few countries too far away. I hope it goes really well for you.

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