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My own personal cheering section
My own personal cheering section

My own personal cheering section

My husband is awesome. We are so very much alike, and sometimes that isn’t always good, but he is absolutely my #1 fan. My own personal cheering section. I hope I’m the same for him.

Tonight, after a very long eight hour drive home from Iowa in holiday traffic, after several days somewhere where I feel even more like an outlier than usual, after making it through a holiday season that threatened to take me down courtesy of the economy and generalized chaos…I came home to a book. A book I ordered several weeks ago and have been scaring the mailman as I stalked him for the delivery.

Dr. Linda Silverman’s Giftedness 101 was waiting for me on my doorstep.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book for months. Not just because I believe so strongly in her message of giftedness being a psychological concern and not educational, and not just because A was tested at the Gifted Development Center in Denver not once but twice, but because of a personal reason. I’d heard a few months ago that she had read If This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back? and had liked it quite a bit. That alone was enough to put me on Cloud Nine.

Then I got Giftedness 101. 

I flipped through it tonight. And saw that If This is a Gift was cited no fewer than eight times throughout the book.

I’ve spent the better part of the evening walking around the house with my jaw scraping the floor, grabbing my hair with both hands, and muttering variations of HOLY CRAP. It’s been a very, very good night here in the House of Chaos.

Dr. Silverman is a hero to me. If you have a twice-exceptional, visual-spatial learner, you know. She gets it. And not only does she get it, but she has the research to prove it and the reputation to push it. May I have the strength to not buy a gazillion copies of this book and smack the naysayers with it. I’d need a lot of books and funds are tight. Maybe one book and a list of those who have a smack coming.

This has revitalized me, and along with several other things that have coalesced in the last several days (including my Word of the Year choosing me), I have 2013 in my sights. I have a feeling that this unluckily numbered year will be the year I rise from the ashes of the last few.

And my own personal cheering section? Can’t stop smiling for me.


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