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I needed this
I needed this

I needed this

I found this post via An Iowa Mom, and it hit home for me today. I…just go read it… This is the line that smacked me upside the head:

My child is different because he came into this world to make a difference.

Wow. Those simple words clarified the chaos that is known as raising A. He is going to set the world on fire someday, and I can’t wait to see it.


  1. Yeah, that’s what they are here for. My father was sure he was going to have to sue me for breach of contract. But then he never had a chance to meet my daughter. Raising her was how I made a difference. A major difference IMO.

    BTW – Yes, it was the DMV. Not sure why I came up with it, but well, we all have been there and know what Hell it can be.

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