where wildly different is perfectly normal
Never underestimate brilliance
Never underestimate brilliance

Never underestimate brilliance

We’ve always known A was bright, and now J’s light is blinding us. Tonight at dinner:

J: Never…ever…never…ever…they rhyme! (big smile!)

Tom and I stare at each other with the look of “OhMyGod, another kid we can’t keep up with”…he’s 3 1/2! (Same kid who can count past the twenties, count objects into the twenties, can read some simple words, and can surf the internet with the best of them)

Tom: Yes, good job, J! Kiss your brain!

A few minutes later…

J: Mom stupid…Dad stupid…hey, they rhyme too!


And yesterday we found out that the school being built literally 50 yards behind my house is very likely going to be a gifted and talented focus school. Crap crap and more crap. Sigh…I love A’s school, but a GT school thisclose? AGH!


  1. Jen, I just discovered your blog today, thanks to Christina. I have this horrible problem when I “find” a new blog. I feel the need to go back to the VERY FIRST POST and read them all!! Sick, I know! So far, I’ve been thoroughy enjoying yours. I am putting it on my list of links so I can check it daily (and maybe finish all the old posts! haha)

  2. So speaking of the little gifted monsters… my 6 year old did a power point (yes power point ha ha) presentation on my computer the other day. Here’s on of her slides…

    About My Flamley

    My mom is nise. She sumtimes lets me have candy.

    My dad is real nise. He lets me have candy a lot.

    I love my flamley.

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