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I survived!
I survived!

I survived!

There are a few things that are guaranteed to send me over the edge. Ok, more than a few, but three of them hit this weekend.

I hate having my home in disarray. The place isn’t sterile clean, by any stretch, but I like having my living place clutter-free. Today the basement is 90% empty and the rest of the house is packed. The guest room queen bed is in J’s room on the floor. My music files are in the living room, joined by the basement rec room furniture. The treadmill is in the garage. Getting the picture? I just gotta remember it’s only 10 weeks, and we saved a pretty penny by moving up the start date 6 weeks. But I’m getting the shakes already.

I love having our parents come visit. It’s a nice change of pace, the boys have fun with the grandparents, but still. It’s stressful having company, even when they stay in a hotel. Add that to the cluttered house…

And then there are kids’ birthday parties. A turned five yesterday. Holy heck, how’d that happen? He’s five? Really? The little scrawny baby is now a big boy? Agh. He had a party today. No, not in the house, they would have had to drug me heavily. At a local gymnastics place. Great fun and I didn’t have to do a single thing. But kids’ birthday parties stress me out, I don’t know why, they just do.

So those three things all at once and I’m still functional. The basement should be done right before J’s 2nd birthday. I sure hope so. I can’t have the stress trifecta hit me all again like this.

Whaddya think?

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