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Monday Madness
Monday Madness

Monday Madness

Hallelujah! The basement is emptied, even down to a cursory sweeping job. What a PITA. The garage is packed with stuff, the living room has more furniture than a living room should have, and there is a queen sized bed on the floor in J’s room that makes a delightful trampoline for active boys. But it is emptied and ready for the builders, who will be here in 30 minutes. Only 10 weeks to go! If I get a chance, I’ll set up a sideblog about the basement.

If I get a chance…HA! When a Monday starts off with 32 items on your to-do list, there is something seriously wrong. Thirty-two. What would I do if I were working full-time outside the house? I’m pretty sure I would have lost it long ago.

I’m going to visit my sanity this weekend. It lives at my happy place in Winter Park. This weekend is my twice-yearly scrapbooking retreat to Winter Park with my dearest friends. My sanity lives in the hottub up there at the condo. I visit it a couple times a year and mentally visit it on pretty much a daily basis the rest of the time. It’s my happy place.

Oh, wait, make that 33 items…forgot I have to get A signed up for something this summer or I’m going to go nuts. My happy place can only take so many visits before nothing gets done around here.

A’s birthday party on Saturday was fun. Just a few kids, lots of running around, and a ton of cake. A good time was had by all. J was hysterical to watch, running from one thing to the next, trying to do a somersault and instead face-planting. He’d get up laughing and try again. A was on his best behavior and followed instructions (hey, this is a big deal here! LOL) and ran and climbed with the best of them. Little monkey.

Easter…let’s just say I’m glad I played the service yesterday morning. Tom and his parents got to run herd on the sugared boys while I sat behind the alter and tooted da floot. I got off easy (evil laugh).

And today I’m off to my 33 item and growing list. Wish I had something amusing and topical todiscuss, something about current events, but I’m drawing a blank. J is drawing on the floor with markers…that might have something to do with me not being able to be amusing and topical and, well, complete a


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