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I’d give up but then I wouldn’t be writing this
I’d give up but then I wouldn’t be writing this

I’d give up but then I wouldn’t be writing this

Unless I get a time machine, a full-time home-educator, a live-in maid, or another dozen hours a day, this is very likely my last NaBloPoMo. I can’t take the ratio of crap to non-crap here this month.

This? Falls square into the crap category.


  1. I’m offering unasked-for advice…
    As a perfectionist, which I think you’ll accept as a reasonable description of yourself, I dare you to mess up. Just drop the NaBloPoMo in the middle. The sky will not fall just because you stop being stubborn. What is the difference, really, between not blogging and saying “Gee, I don’t know what to blog about today” but counting it as a post just so you can achieve something that only you care about achieving. I’m spending a lot of my personal energy trying to convince Gifted Boy that the sky will not fall if he gives a less than perfect performance on, well, anything. I want him to aim for the B on a project just to learn that it all turns out ok anyway. So, from someone who has never met you in person and really has no reason whatsoever to be giving you advice, I give you that advice.

    1. Jen

      🙂 I am definitely a perfectionist, and I accept that. I dropped a blogging challenge one March, simply had to, and I try not to let it bother me. But I see what you’re saying and I agree with you. I just hate to give up.

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