Nov 17 2013

Mindfulness through music

Want to live in the moment? Play an instrument. But not just play an instrument, play in a high-quality ensemble on that instrument. And then play wicked hard music in that high-quality ensemble on that instrument. You cannot help but stay 100% in the moment then.

Tom and I had our concert this afternoon. There were a few moments this morning when the band wasn’t sure if there would even be a concert, because of the unseasonably wild weather. But the show went on, and the two hours went by in a flash.

Playing in an ensemble is the only way I’ve found to stay in the moment without my mind drifting. It surely tries, but whether it’s years of training or sheer panic that I will screw up, it comes snapping back to the moment in under a heartbeat.

My mind has a mind of its own, and even that mind has a mind of its own. I struggle with staying in the moment, and have for years. I’ve tried meditating, I’ve done yoga, but nothing is as effective as music performance to focus my mind. If I’m not entirely in the moment, I will musically pee down my leg before I know it. That’s both messy and embarrassing, and not terribly professional.

Mindfulness through music. I highly recommend it.


  1. Kate Arms- Roberts

    I have a similar experience performing Shakespeare. It is so important that we have something.

    1. Jen

      I suspect, like in music, you must stay fully aware while performing Shakespeare or you’re toast.

      1. Kate Arms-Roberts


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