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In less than one hour
In less than one hour

In less than one hour

In less than one hour I will leave to get J from preschool.

I will pick up the mail on the way.

In the mail will be an envelope.

In the envelope will be a letter.

In the letter will be the information about kindergarten 2009.

That information will tell me if I’ve officially sold my soul to the devil for full-day. My receipt, if you will. Nasty return policy.

If he’s in full-day, you’ll hear my yelps of glee.

If he’s not in full-day, you’ll hear my scramble for supplemental education.

For, you see, 140 kids registered for kindergarten for this fall.

That is not a typo. One hundred forty kids. One-four-zero.

Half applied for full-day kindergarten.

There is one full-day class of 24.

If he got in, I’m buying a lottery ticket tonight.

Whaddya think?

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