Jan 29 2009

All I want for Groundog Day is my two front teeth…

Oh thank God and all the saints, they’re gone…


This morning those two front teeth were disgusting beyond measure. One pointed northwest, the other southeast. Gah. Even A, the sensory child that he is, had had enough. He tried to have me do it (gag), then finally just went into the bathroom and yanked one out. And that’s when I learned something very important. I can handle puke. A projectile-vomiting child is gross, but I can do it. But a kid with a bloody dangling tooth…my gag reflex sets off red flashing lights and klaxon horns. He couldn’t go to school with one bloody tooth in front, so Tom took care of it for me. He’s on tooth detail for the next ten years. And the Tooth Fairy felt bad that she gagged all over this morning, and that the teeth had to be pulled, so A is getting Bakugan instead of money.

The Tooth Fairy will be forgiven, I’m sure.

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  1. cms8741

    Both gone the same day? Yowzas!

    I can’t believe you plucked it out. I did that to myself as a child, and it was gross back then!!!! I don’t think I have the stomach to do it to my kids. Though, I really shouldn’t say, the day has not yet come…

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