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It’s a bullet point kinda morning
It’s a bullet point kinda morning

It’s a bullet point kinda morning

  • The hell? Snow? I know we got snow the first week of May last year, but I’m really sick of the snow already.
  • Oh, yeah, I’m back from my weekend. I feel refweshed. And behind. Very very behind. Did you know that life doesn’t stop when you leave town? No? Comes as a surprise to me every single time.
  • If there was something you needed/wanted me to read at your site, leave a comment. To preserve what’s left of my sanity, I deleted 500+ posts in my reader last night without even browsing. My sanity thanked me heartily.
  • Four inches, thanks for asking. I have to go out in it shortly or the dog will be having PB&J for dinner tonight.
  • If I’m left alone by the youngest child lucky, I’ll have a better post up later today. And one at Hopeful Parents (today’s my post day). And clever tweets. If I’m constantly asked for food/drink/Wii/videos/computer time not lucky, you’re looking at the best I can do today. And that’s not saying much.
  • Just caught that Verizon and Apple are flirting, and might release the iPhone on Verizon next year. Please do, make something in my life easy. I like Verizon and desperately want an iPhone. Make sweet technological love and make me happy, that’s all I ask.
  • Gah. Laundry awaits.


  1. Welcome back, and yup, I’ve got a post right here. However, Blogger’s being a real PITA today and you might find an ugly black screen where my lovely blog is supposed to be. Try going directly through the link instead of hitting refresh, and then send an evil thought Blogger’s way.

  2. Amy

    It is one of the sad facts of life that even when we manage to escape-er, um, I mean indulge in some brief respite-that life does not stand still. The dishes? Keep on adding up in the sink. The laundry ? It keeps piling up! Arrgh!
    Glad you were able to get away though. We all need to treat ourselves to a break from time to time!:-)

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