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W(h)ine is chilling
W(h)ine is chilling

W(h)ine is chilling

Jen, where have you been? Thought you were going to write something witty and clever and charming today!


Ever had that day when nothing is really wrong on the surface, but nothing goes right?

  • A stiff neck that wandered north to become a dull headache, that then meandered south a bit into the eyes, which, due to the screwy vision, then caused general nausea and a feeling of bleh.
  • Kids who are chewing on the very last nerve by trying to outdo themselves in the “Who Wants To Be A Million-Time-Over Pain In The Ass?” competition.
  • Aforementioned kids who refuse to eat anything, and I mean anything, I cook…then complain that they’re hungry five minutes later. While I am in the “take it or leave it” camp, I am so sick of the whining.
  • There is dog hair everywhere. Please do not come over without phoning first, or I may need to vacuum you before you leave.
  • School is out in two and one-half weeks. Holy.Shit.
  • Because of the previously mentioned neck, I want/need/gotta find a yoga class or teacher. Then I paid bills this afternoon. There will now not be a yoga class or teacher, and my headache and stiff neck are actually worse.
  • Should I be freaking out about the swine flu? ‘Cause I’m really not getting the panic.
  • I’m still searching for someone to help me help A with his anxiety/2e/general pain-in-the-assness. Emails aren’t being returned and I’m generally grumpy.
  • Crap. It’s dinnertime and I have to go make something that no one will eat, that will be the cause of all the world’s suffering, and will result in much gnashing of teeth and ripping of garments.

Yes, my children, today falls into the “why did I get married and have children???” column.



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