where wildly different is perfectly normal
It’s a different world today
It’s a different world today

It’s a different world today

I cannot rejoice in the death of a madman.

Too many innocents have died at his hand.

I cannot celebrate.

Too many have cried.

I do not feel relief or joy.

Too many other madmen want to cause us pain and bring death to our shores yet again.

Instead, I watch the news with the dispassionate persona of a historian knowing a moment has occurred. Knowing that I will never forget where I was when I heard the news: I live-streaming breaking news in shock while watching my Twitter feed with my husband on Skype, cursing the decision to drop our satellite tv. Smiling wanly at clever comments from Twitter and Facebook. Worrying that the overnight celebrations will be interpreted poorly overseas, horrified at the similarity to celebrations in certain parts of the world after 9/11. Feeling proud of the military who risked their lives to bring this about. Knowing that today the flag goes up first thing, with my Cub Scout sons, who will thankfully never remember the horror of that September morning, and know only the strength of our country in the following decade.

We awaken to a different world this morning. Only time will tell what kind of world it will be, with the repercussions of possibly creating a martyr. So, on this day, have a moment of silence for the innocent dead, a prayer for the peacemakers, and kindness for your fellow man. We’re all on this rock together.




  1. Exactly. I’m not sure I get the “celebrating” thing. I’m not sure if I believe in inherent evil within a person, but if there is, it would apply to him. After all he has done, this isn’t going to take it away. The damage is done.

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