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The morning after
The morning after

The morning after

Anyone else a little bleary this morning? Grasping onto coffee cups like drowning men? Just me? What about the other Coloradans who stayed up late to relive Bush v Gore? At least this year I’m not pregnant. 2000 about did me in.

Yes, this morning, Colorado is still not entirely certain who won the Senate race. The Denver Post called it for Bennet this morning, but until I hear multiple news sources confirm it, I’m not going to relax.

We now have a governor with an awesome name (Hickenlooper, no, not making that up) who is a brewmeister. Mmmm….beer…. He’s been the mayor of Denver for the last several years and will be an outstanding guv.

The big ugly “I WILL MOVE OUT OF THE STATE IF THESE PASS” amendments went down in flames. Good thing, too. They would have decimated schools and all manners of social services. Both sides worked together and shot them down.

Nationally, looks like we’re in for another session of mom and dad yelling at the TV and drinking a lot of wine. Kinda like the last ten years. Ah, politics. The real reality show. And, as I do every election, I can only hope and pray something gets accomplished that moves society and the country forward instead of backward.

Today enjoy the peace born of exhaustion, for tomorrow the race for 2012 begins.


  1. I’ll be honest. I was tempted to stay up to the bigger end, but considering that happened around 10 IN THE MORNING, I’m GLAD I went to sleep.

    Having seen Hickenlooper win and those amendments fail was enough to get me to sleep last night.

    Today is a good day for Colorado.

  2. Sarah

    Was up until November 3rd began… but couldn’t do anymore… I’m just glad the results are what they are. No Buck, Hick in, and the Amendments I really wanted to see fail go down in flaming wreckage.

  3. The Conrads would like to join the Laughing at Chaos family for drinks and general angry-fist comments to be hurled at the uninformed. I believe MSNBC at 8PM ET/6PM MT and 9PM ET/8 PM MT would be a good meeting place. 🙂

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