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It’s Monday, 2011
It’s Monday, 2011

It’s Monday, 2011

You know how sometimes you want to write something and you can’t and everything logjams and you just sit and stare at the blank screen with the taste of hot coffee on your tongue and you want to get up and take a shower but you’re still tethered to the laptop and the boys are whining that they wanna watch TV but you’re a mean mom and say no because school starts in two days and a return to something resembling a routine might be a good idea and so you start and delete three different posts before you sit and begin to scribe the longest run-on sentence in the history of blogdom but you’re ok with that because at least words are appearing in front of you?

Welcome to the first 2011 Monday at the House of Chaos.

Because the new year is typically a time for lists, and I’ve decided to not make resolutions yet again, I’ll just share some of the brain matter floating around the ole noggin this morning.

  • When I was growing up, winter break was two weeks long. Period. End of story. This two and a half week crap is stupid. The cherubs don’t go back until Wednesday and if we’re all still friends by then it’ll be the first miracle of 2011.
  • I had planned to hit the gym this morning, but then came to my senses when I realized that the resolutions people will have taken it over and I just don’t have the time or mental energy to work out around them. A cop out? Probably. But I’d also have to listen to the boys whine that they hate the kids’ club, and I think Wednesday is a fine time to return.
  • Instead I get to run errands today. With two little shadows.
  • I also get to clean out my office and holy cats, if I don’t return later this week, send in the infantry. It looks gorgeous right now, but that’s because yesterday I shoved everything into drawers to make it look that nice. It needs a down and dirty organization spree, and I think that’ll be today. Before I lose my mind, or the tax prep packet I got in the mail the other day.
  • Coffee be praised!
  • If I’m paying for wicked fast internet, I expect to have wicked fast internet! I’m looking at you, Qwest! And MacDreamy2, you could do your part by not hanging too.
  • I discovered iBooks this weekend. The Gutenberg Project is available as free downloads. Free.Books. Awesomesauce.
  • I now really really want an iPad. Easier to read free books that way.
  • Santa brought Rory’s Story Cubes this year. I’m sure they’re technically for the boys, but I plan to use them to start writing more fiction. It’d be good for me, and fun to boot.
  • This bracelet, with “strong” as the text, is the perfect alternative to a tattoo. Mama like.

Ok, ain’t nuttin’ gettin’ done if I stay here at the computer avoiding everything that needs to be done.


  1. Sarah

    That bracelet is way cool! This momma needs to get back at the blog, back to the treadmill, and back to…. I dunno what but back to something! Cuz and much as I’d like to think otherwise physically restraining a flailing child several times a day isnt much exercise, all it is is an exercise in futility (resistance is futile?) and the boy is impervious to the Borg.

  2. Nice run-on sentence…my face turned blue before I was done reading it. Try to figure that one out.?.? I will totally be stealing Awesomesauce from you. And, high-five on the “coffee be praised” comment. I get it…really, really get it.

  3. I wrote 3 … yes 3 … PAGES of NY resolutions in about 5 minutes last night. When the brain cells start firing, it’s best to have paper and pen in hand. And this from someone who hasn’t made a NY’s resolution in decades! 2011 is gonna be a fantastic year! It’s time to make a difference in this world … one child at a time. 🙂

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