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Toss and Turn Tango

Sing it with me kids! You know the tune!

Toss and turn and…do it again…
Think and fret and…do it again…
Toss and turn and…do it again…
Toss and turn and think and fret…cha cha cha!!!
{big dip with a rose in the teeth}

I haven’t been sleeping for crap lately. Regardless of what I time I crawl into my deliciously warm bed (the electric blanket is the greatest invention of modern times, the interwebz be damned!), I lie there for at least an hour and a half before I finally pass out. I can’t tell if it’s from exhaustion or flat-out boredom, but it takes awhile before I fall asleep. Stuff from my acupuncturist, Tylenol PM, red wine (not all at the same time, geeze!)…nothing is working. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, maybe three. The good is that I’m discovering just how far open my jaw will hinge while yawning in the morning. The bad is that I’m not sleeping and a not sleeping Jen is a generally pissy Jen. The strange thing is that I’m still functional; this is unusual. I should be walking into walls by this point.

It’s just stress. There are just slightly less than eleventy billion things going on right now, all of them must be done at nearly the same time, most of them must be done by me, and there’s even more on the horizon. Exercise will start up in full force next week, both to keep myself sane AND to keep my trainer from giving me the stink-eye.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep thinking up new lyrics to the Toss and Turn Tango as I’m tossing and turning. Better than thinking and fretting.

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  1. Sarah Sarah

    I’ll come up with the 1-5am toss and turn verse, cuz apparently I’ve got nothing else to do at these hours.

  2. Sarah Sarah

    Flip and flop
    check the clock
    flip and flop
    the brain won’t stop
    flip and flop
    four hours nonstop

    ugh. Not bad for 3am. Ffrrggg. 3am poetry… :-/

    sorry your sleep sucks. I feel ya.

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