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Jen’s exercise tip of the day
Jen’s exercise tip of the day

Jen’s exercise tip of the day

As if anyone would actually take exercise tips from me…but I have one nonetheless.

Listen to old college marching band recordings as you walk on the treadmill.

Oh my GOD. Yesterday I posted that I hated…ahem…disliked exercise because I kept thinking of the eleventy billion other things I should be have been doing. Listening to my old college marching band recordings on my iPod pretty much shoved an oily rag into the mouth of that little voice. And stood in front of it with a match and a psycho gleam in its eye. Instead of the “should be doing xyz” voice, I had these thoughts:

How the absolute #^$%*$#@!# did I EVER move this freaking fast? (Seriously, most of the music was between 3.7 mph and 4.5+mph). And I had to be completely still from the waist up! And I had to use a smooth roll step (no freaking WONDER I had chronic calcium tendonitis in both feet my first year in marching band). Oh, and yeah, I WAS PLAYING MY PICCOLO AT THE TIME!!!!! Oh my hell.

When I walk to my old recordings, I have to march in step. It’s a disease, but I can’t NOT stay in step. So I found myself really hauling tush this morning. Walking that fast in step is much more difficult than just switching over to a jog. You find yourself engaging core muscles, tightening your butt, and really getting into it. And then my marching band training kicks in, and I stop swinging my arms. Holy smokes. It’s been nearly 4 hours and I’m still feeling it.

Which brings me to my a-HA! moment of the morning.

I am seriously whacked out of shape. College marching band is why I was thirty pounds lighter 16 years ago. We rehearsed 3 days a week for nearly two hours at a stretch, then games on the weekend. I had no car in college, so I walked everywhere. No joke, if I wanted a decent coffee, I had to walk into town. We didn’t have a music building, we had music buildingS. Plural. Across campus from each other. No wonder I didn’t ever need to work out in college; getting to and from class and some classes themselves (yeah, I’m looking at you, marching band, with your ONE CREDIT HOUR) were a workout.

I am so burning the rest of my college marching band CDs into my iPod. Nothing like a little motivation to get you moving. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go whimper myself back into my mom-mobile and get J from preschool. sob…

Whaddya think?

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