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J’s view on life
J’s view on life

J’s view on life

An Iowa Mom yesterday handed her camera to her son and had him take pictures around the house. Ok, good idea. A isn’t around, let’s see what J comes up with. A three and a half year old with my lil’ digital camera (not the big good one, oh no, I’m not that nuts). So let’s see what he came up with. jack-resized.jpgI took this one of J. Lock up your daughters…
Why do my children take such good pictures of me?
Doesn’t everyone take pictures of their bathroom doors?
This is an extreme closeup of Buddy, J’s lovey. Yes, this is the very same lovey who zips in and out of the portal and disappears, returning with a tan, hickeys, and phone numbers written on scraps of paper.
The view from our back window. No longer a screaming construction site, but an actual school and now the landscapers are digging in, pun intended. Yes, there’s no snow, I apologize to my Midwestern friends.
The rest of the pictures were motion-sickness inducing. Uber-blurry. I’ll have to get A to do this next.


  1. I love seeing Sj’s photos as well! She has a camera of her own but always seems to be snatching up ours.

    I recently downloaded a batch of pics and noticed some random ones, like of barbies set up with a blanket, of pictures on my walls, and thought..hmm I didn’t take these!

  2. It’s a well known fact around here that I don’t know how to use the camera on my phone very well but every now and then I will figure out how to review the pictures only to find that my youngest has taken about 50 pics of herself over the last several months…when does she do this????

    That was a great picture of you.

    I caught the crud this week…whatever it is going around I seem to have it. I think I’m over the worst now…just totally worn out.

  3. Karin

    I gave her my “cheap” camera the other day after I first read this, but the batteries died so she didn’t get to do much with it, but I’m definitely going to try again soon and hopefully post the results. What a neat idea!

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