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Know what I truly appreciate?
Know what I truly appreciate?

Know what I truly appreciate?

When friends have a Christmas party and invite the kids too. And are wine lovers. And encourage all their friends to bring wine. And I find several new favorites.

Let’s recap. I got to go to a party. My sons got to play Wii with their son who, while older, is also twice-exceptional and there’s this unconscious bond. I got to drink a great deal of wine, and find some new favorites. All while enjoying the company of friends.

Icing on the cake? Coming home to a voicemail that Princess, the PMSing Laptop, has finally completed her two week stay at the Computer Vacation Spa with the Computer Guru and I’ll have her back tomorrow morning.

It’s the little things, really.


  1. RC - Rambling Along...

    Really voting for Princess to be dethroned at this point – especially since she sounds like my old laptop. You remember – the one that up and died suddenly, carrying baby pictures, resumes, budget spreadsheets for work and such with it?

    Hoping she stays repaired, but just think her reign should be over.

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