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How NOT to start a 2 1/2 week winter break
How NOT to start a 2 1/2 week winter break

How NOT to start a 2 1/2 week winter break

Princess the PMSing Laptop is back from her 2 week stay at the Computer Rejuvenation Detox and Spa. She was apparently allergic to Vista, as she is considerably faster with Windows 7. Now she and I are working together to reinstall all the goodies that make my life easier.

It is turning me gray. I can’t get my contacts and old emails imported into Outlook. I can’t get my bookmarks from Firefox back into Firefox. Quicken won’t recognize my files, and I don’t know if I can re-download the upgrade I had, because the receipt is stuck in my old emails. (I think I may have just figured it out…that’s a couple dozen brown hairs that will stay that way). I have a loooong list of things that need to be updated and upgraded and reorganized, just so I can have a functional computer that won’t drive me further to drink. My sons can do that all by themselves, thankyouverymuch.

(Note: fixed Quicken. Wish I hadn’t. Now I know what the books look like. Yikes.)

Today, first day of winter break. And what did we do? Other than getting Princess, we went to the library, where I had so many books on hold I warranted my own shelf. I am unreasonably proud of this. Now the challenge is actually reading them, rather than my usual M.O. of figuring I’ll absorb them through osmosis. Hm…perhaps that’s why my neck hurts; books under the pillow… The books? Pretty much anything and everything I could find on homeschooling. Nothing has been decided, but knowledge is power.

Huh…new hard drives and operating system and the laptop isn’t overheating. Hm.

I’m cold. I’m tired. That means bedtime.


  1. Lisa Marie Mary

    Glad your computer came home – hope you get it all fixed up without too much hassle! I totally do that with books from the library – get way too many that I can’t possibly read! LOL!!

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