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Let’s talk Christmas Carols
Let’s talk Christmas Carols

Let’s talk Christmas Carols

Once it is the holiday season, I listen to XMAS carols a lot. When is the season? The day after Thanksgiving. Not the day before, not the week before, and sure as hell not before Halloween. If I worked retail and had to listen to XMAS music for 10 weeks I’d lose it. Happy Holidays, my ass, you PITA customer!
But once it’s “official” (and I’m training the boys well to know when the season begins…A was asking store employees before Thanksgiving why the trees were up already! Next lesson: tact!), XM Holly is on, the Holiday music playlist on my iPod is queued up, and it’s fa-la-la-la-laaaa until December 26th.
So with all the music, I’ve been really thinking about the XMAS carols. You know, ’cause I really have nothing else to do, think about, or worry about. Bwa-hahahahahaha! Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking. Little Drummer Boy. Cute little song. But what new mother in her right mind is going to allow a youngun to play a freaking drum around her newborn? Especially in a barn. For crying out loud, have you ever heard a young drummer? Like a hailstorm under a metal roof. On speed. (Animal! AN-I-MAL!!!) I taught young drummers and you couldn’t pay me enough to listen to them again. If I’d had to listen to one right after giving birth I would have stuck the drumsticks up his little runny nose (of course it’s runny, it’s December, everyone is sick). And chances are, the little drummer would have woken up the little Christ child, and you only wake up a baby if there’s a fire. It’d be kinda uncomfortable to scream at the little drummer, “Jesus Christ! What are you doing? You’ll wake him up…get outta here!” The baby would think you’re yelling at him (it is his name, after all), and the drummer wouldn’t know what the hell you were talking about. (Oh, I am sooo not getting a visit from Santa this year for this heretical post. LOL)
Anything from Celine Dion, especially O Holy Night. Ok, I love that carol, but I can’t stand to listen to her belt it out. Personal thing.
Love me some We Three Kings/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan. I really need to get that. The song just really makes me happy.
I haven’t heard I Farted on Santa’s Lap yet. Heard it lots last year on XM Kids, haven’t heard it yet. Cracks me up to no end. Simple things.
Love Sleigh Ride. I miss playing it. At least now A recognizes it.
And lastly, let’s give thanks that my boys don’t “get” Alvin and the Chipmunks. ‘Cause I just can’t deal with that song.

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