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Why it’s never a dull moment around here
Why it’s never a dull moment around here

Why it’s never a dull moment around here

I am not a good morning person. I usually need at least one cup of coffee to prime the pump and get the day going. Today I didn’t even get that.

A generously shared his virus and I’m sick. I hate being sick. Moms should get mulligans on being sick. Benadryl makes me feel better, but then I walk into walls and stuff. Amusing for the kiddos, but hard to explain away the bruises.

A comes dashing into my bedroom this morning, “MOM!!! WE FOUND BUDDY!!!” Just so you all know, the Portal to the Fourth Dimension is in J’s bedroom, in an orange canvas toybox. I swear to you all, I looked in there. Tom looked in there. But there he was. So, anyone interested in travel through time and space…I can be reached here. But it’ll cost ya. Just sayin’.

I managed to get a shower in, thank God for small miracles. Because suddenly and miraculously J came toddling in. J doesn’t know how to climb out of his crib. We’ve moved things out of his room that A would use to help J get out of his crib. Yet J is standing in front of me. Further investigation reveals that J’s crib is now in pieces. This is no hand-me-down-through-six-generations crib, we got the crib for A, kept it for J, and while we weren’t planning any more kids, now if we change our minds we have to go crib shopping. The movable side is off. A was trying to get J out and it snapped off. While we knew the plastic on the rail was cracked, we figured it would get us to the summer and a big boy bed. A big boy bed is now coming sooner rather than later. I’ve thought about getting bunk beds for A’s room and they both sleep in there, since A slept on the floor in J’s room last night anyway.

All this hit before 6:15 am, before coffee, while I’m barely functioning. You can’t tell me I’m the only one this happens to! Just further proof that Murphy and his little law lives here, and nowhere else.

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  1. cursingmama

    word of warning – from horrific experience. Bunk beds sound great in theory but are a PITA to make. Even if you don’t make the beds every day – changing the sheets alone will drive you insane. Certifiable. We moved ours to the cabin because they drove me crazy. At the cabin I put a fitted sheet on the mattress but make the kids sleep in sleeping bags so I only have to wash the fitted sheet every few months. And I’m a clean freak.

    Sorry about the late coffee – you have my deepest understanding & sympathy 😉

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