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Life on the road
Life on the road

Life on the road

Ah…ain’t nuttin’ like a good old-fashioned road trip…with new-fangled mobile blogging technology. And in true House of Chaos style, we’re giving the Griswolds a run for their money. While we’ve had a largely uneventful trip (and it’s going to STAY that way, right universe???), we have made a few trip memories.

Like starting the trip several hours late because I had to take Rosie to the emergency vet on Memorial Day. She went on a walk with the boys Sunday night and returned with two fewer toenails. Poor baby is with the pet sitter with a wrapped paw and wearing the Cone Of Shame. At least she’s being spoiled rotten there.

Like one boy forgetting to pack underwear and the other forgetting pajamas. I lost my sunglasses, my mom forgot her sweater at the hotel, and the boys can’t seem to fasten seatbelts quickly for love or money.


Sitting in the back of a ginormous Yukon, not having to drive, and only worrying about what picture to take next makes it allll worth it. Just wish Tom could have joined us.

Oh. Just crossed the border into Utah. Much celebrating in the mobile House of Chaos.

The pictures…and the memories…will all be worth it.



  1. What a coincidence! We did a very similar road trip just last week. Flew to Denver, then went to Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Arches & Canyonlands in Utah. Great fun! Hope you’re having a good trip too.

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