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I love sleep. And caffeine. And wine.
I love sleep. And caffeine. And wine.

I love sleep. And caffeine. And wine.

Dive deep into your head and conjure up the most hipster coffee shop you possible can. A converted garage, reclaimed wood with metal accents, beans roasted on site, perfectly crafted pour-overs. Straight out of central casting, it’s full of writers and artists poking at computers and sketch books while others chat about upcoming adventures.

It’s my happy place to write, and I couldn’t possibly be any more out of place. A mid-40s married moms of teens, killing time before my son’s Boy Scout Court of Honor this afternoon (one year until Eagle Scout, give me strength). But the place has good vibes and a killer spiced mocha, so I come here for ambiance and inspiration and good caffeine.

Because, dear lord, I run on caffeine these days. Actually, I’ve run on caffeine for the better part of 16+ years, which just so happens to coincide with the blessed arrival of THE CHILD WHO NEVER FREAKING SLEPT. Four years ago (to the day I’m writing this) I wrote about the perverse and delicious glee I took in waking Andy. Sadly, I don’t get to indulge in the pleasure of waking him these days, as he has a wicked loud and intense alarm clock to do my dirty work (<–affiliate link). I do kinda miss it, but not enough to return to making his monkey fling poo. At some point he and Jack need to learn to get their own butts out of bed and moving, and that point was several months ago when school started.

But me? I am not a morning person and I rail against the injustice of the clock. I do try to get to sleep earlier, but with so many activities pushing into the evening it’s tough. You know how an ear worm can keep you awake? Try having several ear worms simultaneously as you come down off a rehearsal buzz, or one that wakes you in the middle of the night and then sings to you for hours. Add in anxiety about nearly everything and the angst that accompanies a burgeoning midlife crisis, and sleep does not always come easy. So I read until I remember that morning will come and wedgie me until I rise. Lather, rinse, repeat, caffeine.

Gifted kids aren’t the only ones with sleep issues. Gifted adults have many of the same issues. Difficulty turning off the brain, existential worries, overexcitabilities. Oh, and back pain. Adults just have a few better coping skills…and wine.

I love sleep. Sleep is my favorite. I have several younger friends having babies right now, and while I’m thrilled for them, I’m even more thrilled that it ain’t me, because I love sleep. I’ll never get a puppy, because I love sleep. I’ll never work an overnight shift of anything, because I love sleep. After screwing up my sleep and my life to the point of earning a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Lifetime Achievement Award, I love sleep. I never again want to find myself in the rut of having a full night’s sleep and waking more tired than when I clicked off the light. It’s painful. Unfortunately I seem to be scooching back to that; I blame winter and stress. Looks like I’ll be instituting Jen’s Plan For Showing Sleep How Much She Loves It. Basically, cut back on caffeine (whimper…) and call it quits earlier in the night. Just more self-care adulting. Except today. Today I require caffeine to function. I’ll start tomorrow. Maybe.

So to the parents with young gifted kids who rarely sleep: they will eventually. I swear. And if they don’t, they will eventually grok that keeping you from blessed slumber is not in their best interest. Then you, too, will have a passionate affair with sleep once again.

And caffeine.

And wine.


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  1. Carol

    I’m right there with you regarding the line

    ” I have several younger friends having babies right now, and while I’m thrilled for them, I’m even more thrilled that it ain’t me, because I love sleep.”

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