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Mmmm…toe jam!
Mmmm…toe jam!

Mmmm…toe jam!

It’s not often that I stick my foot in my mouth, but when I do, I apparently go for the gag reflex. Yesterday I think I may have actually stuck it far enough to hit my colon. Coldwater Creek Dress

Beautiful dress, yes? I love this dress. It was featured in a Coldwater Creek email ad I got yesterday. A few days ago some friends and I were chatting about how none of us have ever been seen in a dress. That conversation went through my head as this disaster unfolded. In my defense, I had a migraine yesterday, so I plead ill. This email conversation (that I thought I was sending to my friends)actually took place, nothing has been changed, including my idiocy.

Me: See this dress? Imagine me in this dress for the XMAS party. I would wear this, but I’m not dropping $95 on a dress, I don’t have the body for this beautiful dress and I have more brains than to wear a sleeve dress in December. so just pretend I have this dress for te party

Reply: Dear Ms. XYZ:

Thank you for contacting Coldwater Creek. It is our privilege to have the opportunity to respond to your e-mail.

We appreciate hearing from you today, Ms. XYZ. Our Customers Comments will always be of Primary Importance to us. The dresses do not work for everyone and that is why we offer a variety.

There are areas that have warm weather during the Holidays. I, personally could not wear one of them either, but we do sell many to the ones that can.

Please be assured that we will forward your e-mail to the appropriate department to be reviewed.

If we may be of future assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by responding to this e-mail, call our toll-free number at (800) 510-2808 or visit us though the Instant Help feature on our website. We are always happy to help you!

Lilly B.

Coldwater Creek Customer Service

Me (after dying a thousand deaths after I realized what I had done): Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to send a reply, I was sending an amusing email to friends. I have a wicked headache and instead of a forwared message I hit reply. I am so sorry. I love Coldwater Creek clothes. I think I need more ibuprofin… ay yi yi…

I’m sure Lilly is still laughing at me.

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