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The mental flotsam and jetsam of an addled mind
The mental flotsam and jetsam of an addled mind

The mental flotsam and jetsam of an addled mind

Ya just never know what you’ll find when my mind spits out the little random thoughts that flit in and out all day long.

1.My recent rant post about toys made in China got me some good ideas (J will probably get something from Playmobil). But I found this site the other day and had to share. Go here. Share your ideas. I have absolutely NO connection with this site other than wanting the list to get larger so I have to do less legwork. I’m lazy that way.

2.Want to get me a really good Christmas gift? I want to take all, and I mean all, of my recordings to this place and have them digitally saved. I have literally hundreds of hours of audio and video tape of band concerts, college recitals, our wedding video, that sort of thing. All of it is on tape and if I lost any of it my heart would crack into a thousand pieces and come pouring out my tear ducts (ick, that was a pretty bad analogy). I want to save all these memories on a gold archival DVD that I can put into my safe deposit box, and also have CDs to have at home. Ain’t gonna be cheap.

3. I have spent so much time in the car lately that I have caught up on my podcasts and had to go searching for more. Lots of good stuff out there from NPR. But it’s sad, the amount of time I have spent on my ever-widening rear, driving from one thing to the next. The only thing sadder is watching me sob as I fill my minivan with the juice of long-dead reptiles.

4. Here in Colorado ’tis winter’s eve. Last year’s winter was long, cold, and miserable. Let’s hope we don’t get four blizzards in four weeks again this year. And why, you may ask? Well, besides the obvious (snow days, roads that don’t get plowed because out here they believe in the Divine Intervention Method of Snow Removal), I hatehatehate being cold. And I’m always cold. I can be wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a sweater, jeans, socks, and slippers/shoes and I’ll still be shivering. The only time I am completely warm and content is when I am in the aforementioned minivan, with the heat cranked and the seat warmer on high. I have a terminal and debilitating case of PPP: Perpetual Penguin Posterior; my butt is always cold. Between the butt warmers in the van and the new electric blanket I just got for our bed (oohhhh, me loooooves that electric blanket. No more shivering as I fall asleep!), I should make it through the winter. I hope.

5. I could set my watch by it: every morning at 6:40 the construction dudes working on the school behind our house start banging and clanging. Not 6:45, not 6:30, but 6:40 on the dot. Every.Single.Morning. I have to wonder if that’s how they warm up the equipment, or if they just get their jollies that early in day by waking us all up. Poopheads…as the boys would say.

6. My inlaws are coming on Sunday for a full week. We’re supposed to get snow next week, significant enough that it was mentioned on the news the other night. Please oh please, let’s not get snowed in. If we wanted to all sit on top of each other with nowhere to go and nothing to do we would have gone to Iowa to see them!

7. Coffee is the nectar of life and anyone who says differently is evil.

8. I watched a DVD last night about the Disney Vacation Club. Interesting, and certainly something to consider. We’re big Disney fans around here (J is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now so I can wake up–see #7–).

9. Finally, a quote that I’ve had hanging above my desk: A year from now you may wish you had started today. I like that, keeps me moving.

More coffee…must have more coffee now. Have a great weekend!

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