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Movie Review–Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Movie Review–Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Movie Review–Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

When I was in college, I’d go to movies whenever I could. Since I didn’t have a car, and the Bloomington/Normal bus system sucked, I usually hit the cheapo theater on campus. It was actually a lecture hall that had a big stage and movie screen. The show was a buck, popcorn was a buck, and it was two blocks from my dorm, so it was a pretty good deal. The trouble was, movies tended to be pretty outdated by the time they got to the theater. I rarely, if ever, saw a first-run movie. So when The Crying Game came out, I tried to avoid the spoilers before I could see the film. So much for that plan. I read the spoiler over my morning Cocoa Puffs mere days before it was being shown at the campus theater. Ever since then, I’ve been even more careful about avoiding spoilers. I either lalalala through movie reviews or see the movie before everyone knows the secret and I hear about it anyway. Same with the Harry Potter books and that is why I will be MIA July 21-23. ; )

I’m glad I lalalala‘d through the reviews of the new Pirates movie. Knowing what happened would have seriously ruined it for me. So. I will now be chatting about the movie and if you haven’t seen it and want to be surprised, you might want to leave now. Seriously.

Are you gone yet?

‘Cause I’m going to start now.

If you’re still here, you’ve either seen the movie or don’t care if I spoil it for you.

Last chance!

Here goes.

WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FRAK???? I saw the movie Saturday night and I still can’t get it out of my head. I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday night still disturbed about it and couldn’t go back to sleep for the longest time. Disturbed. That is the best word to describe my feeling about the movie. I knew it would be dark. I bought the soundtrack to it the day it was available and as soon as I listened to it I knew it would be dark and disturbing. But come on!

Last summer I saw the second movie, went home and rewatched the first and got completely hooked on the series. I have always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World and was heartbroken that it was down for refurbishment last summer when Tom and I were there. I have the soundtracks and really, they (meaning the first and second, not so much the third) are the greatest running music I have. Lots of energy, you can’t help but run when you listen to it.

But the third movie more than disappointed me. Was it really necessary to essentially kill off Will Turner? Are you freakin’ kidding me? The young man who practiced with his swords three hours a day so when he met a pirate he could kill it, killed by the sword he forged? And now he is the captain of the Flying Dutchman? And can only come on land once every 10 years? (Since this post is taking me forever to write, I have since learned online that the screenwriters were completely unclear about this and he actually can come back). I need to see the movie again, but it’ll probably be on DVD, and hopefully it’ll be a director’s cut DVD with the missing 20 minutes of film that will clear everything up.

I liked the movie, didn’t love it, really disliked the ending, need to see it again to clear stuff up. Kinda like this post…

Whaddya think?

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