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My app addiction
My app addiction

My app addiction

I’d like to apologize if anyone felt the need to run away or drink heavily after yesterday’s Strangle A Care Bear post. This is what happens when I don’t see the sun for several days. Today was day OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO STRANGLE A CARE BEAR five, I believe. Imagine how dark I’d be if I didn’t have a happy lamp on my desk at work! I may or may not have tried to climb inside it this afternoon when I realized it was not only still badly overcast, but raining heavily and mooning me. My lamp may be like looking at the surface of the sun, but I’m not driving into the lake, so it was a good, good purchase.

Moving on.

Last week my parents took the plunge and bought an iPad. This tells me two things. 1) My parents wanted an iPad; 2) With my brother’s iPhone 4s purchase of several weeks ago, I’m now low man on the totem pole when it comes to sexy electronics; 3) I’m seriously envious and wanted to lick the screen; 4) I can’t count.

On Sunday we got together for an early Thanksgiving dinner (leaving at the crack of crazy tomorrow morning to drive to Ioway) and I licked the iPad goodness helped get my mom set up with some apps.

I have a wee bit of an app addiction. Just a little, tiny issue with appeliciousness. Be honest now, 465 apps isn’t over the top, is it? No, not all of them are actually on my iPhone, and some of them I wish I could just remove from iTunes entirely. Quite a few fall into the category of “looked good at the time” or “when I have the time…” or “YES! I’LL RUN A 5K!” But the ones I use, I use a lot.

Despite the fact I haven’t played in several days (thank you, crazed lifestyle), I love Words with Friends and its sidekick, Hanging with Friends. (By the way, because I’m jonesing for popcorn and I’m tired and frankly I just wanna crash before tomorrow’s 8 hour drive, I’m not linking these up. I’m sure you all know how Dr. Google works.) Goodreads reminds me that there is a life beyond a screen, and maybe a good book is in order. Swackett cracks me up while reminding me to take an umbrella.

I have it, I play it, we own squawking stuffed animals…I’m not a rabid fan of Angry Birds. Please still be my friend. I like it…but damn it, it takes too long to get through levels! Am I missing something, or do I just have the frustration level of a petulant two year old?

Bejeweled 2 is a great, mindless way to kill time and drain the battery at the same time.

Instagram. Love Instagram. Hate that my phone is so old and slow that I can’t use it as a camera very well.

ToodleDo. CalenGoo. Evernote. Momento (collects your Facebook/Twitter/Blog RSS/Instagram streams in one place, while you also write in it as a journal).

Just got Scribblenauts. I’d get sucked in, but again, when my phone dies when overused it’s hard to get into a game.

Pinterest (two words: Visual.Crack).

AroundMe. MapQuest (talking turn by turn directions). Groupon. Netflix. TED.

New one, barely played with but has great promise: bloom*

RedLaser. Scan.

Pandora. Oh, Pandora, how I love thee. Your dulcet tones get me through cubicle life. I love you. Too many channels to count, and Friday I get to crack open the holiday ones.

And many, many more.

I gotta clean some out; Mama’s asking Santa for a new iPhone for Christmas.

But…heh…what are your favorites?


  1. Sarah

    Pandora, Netflix (sensory regulation in the palm of my hand!), XYZ-with friends, Remote (wink-wink). Facebook. WordPress. And my all time favorite MOONPHASE! So I know when my little werewolves will be active.

  2. Erica

    7 Words, Strategery, Pixelogic, CoolSudoku, WordsWFriends, Rush Hour, iSpadez, and Solebon are my go-to waste time apps. Loved Amazon: Hidden Expedition, didn’t care for the other apps on Game Fish. BrainPop for the kids, among others. Amazon and Ebay for shopping. Have the Shopper app – definitely developed by men. Toilet, smart phone, and dvd player are on the list, but no feminine items, and not a lot of baby items. But it syncs between phones so it works for us. Dilbert – I’m an engineer so that’s a given. I don’t really like Pandora. I’m the exception I guess. Like the Folk Alley app but haven’t listened to that in a while. Urban Spoon for restaurants. Facebook, news apps. I spend way too much time on my phone.

    I was at Sams Club a couple of weeks ago and the cashier was having trouble ringing up pomegranates for the customer in front of me. To pass time, I decided to see who would figure out the price first – me or Sams. I opened the Sams app, searched for pomegranates and was able to give her the code to ring them up with within a minute. Talk about iphone envy by the people around me! When we bought our minivan (after surprise! baby 3) I was able to get it on our insurance within 5 minutes using the USAA app. I would be lost without my iphone.

    David (hubbie) is an angry birds fanatic. Has solved all levels. Lives for when they release more. Mr. I don’t want a smart phone, I will never play games, I will never text. Did I mention that Mr. Text never calls me anymore? (I gave him my old 3g, upgraded to 3gs when it died.)

Whaddya think?

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