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My choice of superpower
My choice of superpower

My choice of superpower

Today’s writing prompt from NaBloPoMo was Would you rather have invisibility or the ability to fly? 

Well, once upon a time in a college psychology class I chose invisibility, but not for the reasons others did. Thankfully our written responses, which were read aloud by the instructor, were anonymous. Everyone else said they wanted to spy on people, pull pranks, steal money. I replied, in all honesty hand to GOD may I be struck with an unexpected triplet pregnancy, that I wanted to help people and make things better. No joke.

Today, however, I choose neither. Invisibility would only help in that I could walk around naked and free, and fly? I don’t like having nothing under my feet, so flying is out. Today I choose memory.

Oh! To have a memory that won’t crap out on you. That doesn’t 100% rely on writing stuff down. That doesn’t go into convulsions if any little thing changes in a routine. (As an aside, I just suddenly realized that I totally sound ADD. I blame having children.) I want supercharged memory…but only of pleasant and important stuff. I don’t want to remember humiliation and pain; that is what I believe hell is like.

Why, you may ask? For the little things, like remembering to give A his ADHD meds before 10:30 am. We both agreed that the evening would be hell if he took them that late. The price we paid was zippo/zero/zilch in the attention department, to the point that if this Apple fanboy wants to watch tomorrow’s iPad announcement, he has some serious work to do in the morning. Harsh? Yes, but if he’d laid off the whining I’d be more sympathetic. On the bright side, he’s almost finished Tom Sawyer (and yes, he will read Huck Finn). I got off my game this morning when the first electrician came at 7:45; I’m not used to early morning functionality and this got missed.

Breaking news: He just finished Tom Sawyer. Fifteen chapters today. Must remember READING is the antidote to ADHD meds forgetfulness.

So I choose memory. Yeah, I could choose all sorts of things, but at this stage of my life I think memory would serve me (and society…you really don’t want me walking around naked and free) best.

Whaddya think?

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