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The change equation
The change equation

The change equation

When you’ve made big changes in your life, did you ever stop to think why? What finally tipped it from status quo to change? What did it? Something you heard, a belief challenged, heated words sent your way in anger? Change isn’t easy, nor is it something to be undertaken lightly.

Making the leap of faith to homeschooling was a huge change for us. It involved me quitting my job and trying to set up freelance work. It put more stress on my husband because I wasn’t bringing home a paycheck. I needed to ensure J wasn’t feeling left out because his brother was home with me all day. We had to convince our families that we weren’t just jumping into this. Big changes.

And I discovered that changes are made when the fear of the unknown is less than the pain of the known.

When the fear of homeschooling became less than the pain of staying the same, we knew it was time to bring A home.

When the fear of changing my habits becomes less than the pain of being a quickly aging slug, I will start exercising again. I’m almost there.

When the fear of changing my life becomes less than the pain of remaining stagnant, I will make changes.

Change = fear of X < pain of Y. X = unknown, Y = known. Show your work.

What are you ready to change?


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