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My Major Award
My Major Award

My Major Award

One of the best things about moving back to Chicago is how close we are to family. We’ve seen my family more times than I can count, have spent more time with Tom’s parents in the last five months than in the last three years, and have trekked down to Springfield twice to visit my extended family. We headed down last weekend for a big ole’ family hootenanny, and because Tom had a million and one things to do/work on/brainstorm, I drove. So he was the one who grabbed my phone when it blurbled an incoming tweet. And then read it to me.


The Global #gtchat Award for Levity in Life goes to @laughingatchaos. Jen’s blog has helped SO many parents feel sane. Kudos to her! #gtchat
12/23/11 11:17 AM

And also?

@laughingatchaos has given parenting 2Es hope and understanding. Congrats to her for her moxie, honesty, and brilliant writing! #gtchat
12/23/11 11:18 AM

I do not recommend bursting into very unexpected tears whilst driving 80 mph on a major interstate past O’Hare International Airport on the Friday of a holiday weekend. It truly does impair one’s ability to see clearly and can be an impediment to safe motoring habits.

Um. Wow. I’m speechless. So much for the brilliant writing, eh?

I am honored and I am humbled and I am embarrassed that I could be and should be doing more here for parents of 2e kids and am not. The plans, I have many. The time, I have little. The desire, it burns. Oh, and I don’t feel like I’m a brilliant writer…or a writer of any sort.

With only some 27-odd hours left of 2011 (ohmygodthankyouthankyouthankyou), I’m very cautiously looking ahead to 2012 and what I want to accomplish. And heading up the list is this little piece of interwebz real estate and the writing I do. Well, after the health and well-being of my kith and kin blahblahblah, then this little piece of the interwebz real estate and the writing I do.

So, Deborah and #gtchat, thank you. You have no idea what this means to me, how it has bolstered my spirits this past week, how it will drive me forward.

It’s truly a “major award” in my eyes.


  1. Congrats, and well deserved! When I want a dose of internet folks who get-it-yet-manage-to-laugh-about-it, I read The Blogess, Wil Wheaton, and you. Seriously – you are all right in a row on my Symballoo screen!

    Thanks for a great 201l, and in 2012 know that we are all here to stand your porta-potty back up again. Wiping your butt is all up to you, but we’ll hose the blue gunk off you when you finally come out!

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