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Name the celestial event on the horizon
Name the celestial event on the horizon

Name the celestial event on the horizon


You know how sometimes life catches up to you and gives you a wedgie, even when you’re going commando for the day? That’s been the last several weeks. I am mentally exhausted. So, in the attempt to prime the writing pump (because I’m behind on promised posts to myself and others, and NaBloPoMo starts next week), I’m going with my ol’ standby, the list.

  1. A couple weeks ago I trekked into the city to get my instruments repaired. A three hour round-trip train ride for a ten minute meeting. A few hundred dollars (and several days) later, I got them back. The piccolo needed so much work that we agreed to put off the overhaul for another time (’cause there just ain’t any way I can afford that right now), and the flute got a clean-oil-adjust. The piccolo has since decided to freak the freak out on me, and there is something jacking up the flute mechanism that I cannot fix myself. I have a concert in a few weeks and I sound like ass despite practicing the most I have in years. Also? I am greatly disheartened that I sound so bad despite practicing so much. I’m afraid my flute mojo has been mortally wounded and I don’t know what to do.
  2. I had to put A on a screen detox today because of the holy hell you’ve been in front of a screen for HOW long today? excessive number of hours yesterday. Screen detox is not for the faint of heart. The child has not #$^@$ stopped talking all day. To me. (Even as I type this I have on my big hunters’ ear protection earmuffs so I can’t hear anything). This meant that there was little learning done by him, nor any work done by me. How bad, you ask? At dinner I wanted to spike my wine in hopes to drown out the ringing in my ears. I love hearing about his inventions, but sweetbabyjesusonapony even I have a limit.
  3. I realized at Target this afternoon that Halloween is next week. Neither boy has a costume, I have no decorations out, and I only remembered to buy candy because it’s kinda hard to miss when there are four aisles of it in front of you.
  4. With the trees in and around our yard, if I had a dollar for every leaf on the grass I would have no stress whatsoever. Nor a mortgage.
  5. The arches in my left foot appear to have fallen with a loud thud. Or I have a stress fracture in my foot from excessive weight; sure as hell isn’t due to exercise. Either way I’m in a world of hurt. Also? My hamstrings and Achilles tendons are so tight that when I get up from sitting longer than a couple minutes I can’t walk. Zombies admire my stride when I crawl out of bed in the morning.
  6. I also appear to have injured my right arm. I can’t tell if it’s from using the trackpad on MacDreamy2 or if my neck/back/shoulders are so tight that it’s radiating further south. This probably also has a lot to do with the missing flute mojo; mighty hard to fly the fingers when every muscle back to the trunk is locked tight.
  7. It was 75 degrees today. In Chicago, in late October. There is not a lick of whining about this whatsoever.
  8. Let’s talk overextended, shall we? I have four part time jobs and I’m interviewing for a fifth next week. I have no idea how I’m going to make this all work, especially since that’s on top of homeschooling, volunteering, and running a household. Time for me? Not much. And let’s not talk about all that has been falling through the cracks.
  9. My irritation with Facebook is making me lonely; too many of my friends live inside my computer.
  10. My mom texted me today that she ordered an Amish turkey for Thanksgiving. After my first thought of, “Whew, glad she did that because I totally forgot,” my next immediate thought was, “Oh holy crap on a gluten-free cracker, Thanksgiving is in a month. And then Christmas. And I’m not ready.” I blew off 2011, I can’t get away with a second year in a row.
  11. The boys were outside raking this afternoon and I couldn’t go out and watch them or play with them or take pictures of them, because I was desperately trying to shove more into my day than the laws of physics could accept. And it was then that I realized how much I hate how I live. And that it’s not likely to change any time soon. And my boys are going to grow up only knowing a snapping, pissy, overstressed mom. And…sigh…yeah.
  12. Full moon on Monday. But I’m sure you could tell that by now.


  1. JenC

    We discussed this earlier. Just cut some air holes in a Fedex box and send the boys to me. I’ll take point for a while. Only catch is that when I send them back, I’ll throw mine in as a bonus. 🙂

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