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Year Four and I’m still nuts
Year Four and I’m still nuts

Year Four and I’m still nuts

In two (TWO?) days it will be November. And for the fourth I’m off my freaking rocker year I’ve signed up to do NaBloPoMo. Why do I do this to myself? Apparently because I like to see how far I can push myself before I crack am highly ambitious and motivated. Why is it in November? In the very thick of holiday preparations? Beats hell outta me, but I suspect it’s to get our minds off holiday chaos and election-year insanity (in a word: oh-my-freaking-God-is-this-nightmare-of-an-election-over-yet-and-I-don’t-even-have-cable-or-a-landline-or-live-in-a-swing-state!!!).

What’s NaBloPoMo? It’s National Blog Posting Month, a take off on National Novel Writing Month. The BloPo is write a blog post every day, the NaWri is write 50,000 words/a novel in a month. As much as I’d love to slap out a novel in 30 days, I’m also pretty realistic about my life in that area, and I canNOT add a big project like that to my life right now or my brain would snap and hit someone in the eye. As it is it’s going to be a bit of a reach this year for me to blog every day for thirty, but I can’t not do it. If I run idea-dry, I have writing prompts, I have 2e Tuesday ideas out the wazoo, I have random craziness here that will surely fill the days.

Example. Today I am sick. I rarely get sick. I might break my mind with stress or have raging insomnia or ache from general couch-potato-ness, but for whatever reason viruses have ignored me for the last several years. Until now. On Sunday I worked a Halloween party full of kids (and if I find the little snot-nosed brat who shared his germs…). By the time I left the event I was coughing, yesterday I had an awesome phone sex operator voice, and this morning I was convinced I had taken on a new career as a fire-swallower/glass eater. I couldn’t talk, gagged trying to swallow, and was generally unwell. On today’s calendar I had a job interview, early voting (please-let-this-madness-end!), two flute students, and band rehearsal for next week’s concert. All cancelled. After being poked in the throat by a long Q-Tip at the doctor’s office, I learned I did not have strep (which I bet comes back positive in a day or two), and I spent the remainder of the day holding the couch to the floor. It appears the job interview will not be rescheduled any time soon (this displeases me greatly), I don’t teach I don’t get paid, and missing one of the last rehearsals before a concert is never a good thing. I’m already a little touchy about my flute playing these days; I swear I have rehearsal PTSD from one particular incident several years ago. (Also? That was the last time I played in that event after several years of playing in the section. The next year I received a letter that my services were no longer needed. Seriously, that is what the letter stated.) Tonight my husband rocked the Mod Podge and made J a costume for tomorrow while I sat on the couch and tried not to cry when I coughed. Extremely little got accomplished today when so very much needs to get wrapped up. Praying that today’s Surprise Quality Control Inspection of the Couch will be enough to heal me, as I don’t have time for a Surprise Quality Control Inspection of the Bed tomorrow.

In two (TWO?) days I’ll begin NaBloPoMo. Again. Be warned, I’m dragging you all with me.


  1. Suzan

    I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year (second attempt), started a new job yesterday and am juggling transportation for a 16 yr old 2e son who refuses to get his drivers license (or even a permit!) (yes, he can just sit there and wait!). Certifiable? Of course, join the club! We will see you in December, if we survive this! LOL

  2. Good Lord, woman!! You’re bringing back awful memories for me!!!

    I had no idea you weren’t feeling well. I hope you’re feeling better before Sunday. Maybe you should wear a mask during the party?! tee hee!!

    In the meantime, try to become one with the couch. The boys can fend for themselves for a few days. Just think, you don’t even have to worry about dinner tonight since they’ll have plenty of Halloween candy to fill them up!


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