Jun 08 2012

Nasty whispers and melty brain

I have written no fewer than five separate posts this week. In my head. Fully formed, ready to go, and melted back into the gray matter by the time I could apply fingers to keyboard. Made me wish, yet again, that I had some sort of direct upload link from my brain to the computer, but that gets into a freaky dystopian society area, so I’ll stick with the tried but true.

As I continue with the Summer of Paint All The Things!…wait, did I write that post? Nope, it was a brain melty one. This summer we plan to Paint All The Things! and cover every square inch of the interior with new, clean, high-quality latex paint of the brightly colored variety. One room down, too many to contemplate to go. But I digress.

As I continue with the Summer of Paint All The Things! with today’s plan to scrub the bathroom in preparation of making painty smells in there this weekend, I have a new post up at An Intense Life. If you have any suggestions to quiet those nasty little whispers, I’m all ears. ‘Cause while the paint fumes do a fine job in shutting them up, they’re probably why those five posts melted back into my brain.

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