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Strike up the band
Strike up the band

Strike up the band

I had band rehearsal last night.

Not Dude, we’re in a garage band rehearsal. A real band. With a conductor and euphoniums (euphonii?) and black folders full of music and a tuning note and not a stringed instrument in the bunch. (Sorry, I’m over orchestras. I’m tired of playing in orchestras, never really cared for them, and my last experience with one was less than pleasant.) Band rehearsal.

You have no idea how happy this made me.

I guesstimated last night that I hadn’t played in a concert band in over ten years. Now, I have a hard time remembering breakfast from day to day, so it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong, but I sure can’t remember playing in a band any time recently. Not orchestra, band. 1999 is the last year I know for sure I played, and while I tried to join a community band a few times after that, flute players usually have to wait for someone to die before a seat opens up.

It’s just my community’s summer concert band, but I’ll take it. I’ve missed it so much. There’s just nothing like playing in band. I can’t describe it, it just feels right. I’ve always been a band geek; from the very first moment I played in a full ensemble, with the bass drum booming away, I was hooked. It’ll be (gulp) 30 years this fall. Holy crap 30 years.

But I realized while playing last night that I really do need to do something about my back. The tingling is bad when I’m not playing, with playing it’s nearly unbearable. At least I’m playing piccolo; less strain on my neck and back. I love playing picc. I love how, when played well, it soars over the ensemble and just makes it better. And I play it well.

The band will be a great way for me to strengthen my chops this summer, as I contemplate getting my name on the wait list for the North Shore Concert Band. I played with that group briefly in the summer of 1996, and have loved it for ages. I’d love playing there more than words can express.

Tom will join the band a little later this summer, once he’s able to make the rehearsals more regularly. And it’ll be Date Night, just like it was when we were first married.

Strike up the band, baby. I’m back.

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