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No April Fools here
No April Fools here

No April Fools here

Halfway through Spring Break and I’m still sane and sober. It’s a good thing. We’re hitting the movies today, just in time for the thunder snow predicted. Yes. Thunder and snow, welcome to spring in Colorado. First time I heard it I thought I was hallucinating.

There will be no April Fools post today. Nothing about me being pregnant (sweet Jesus, no!), or moving, or leaving it all behind to live in Bali (though I have fantasized about that). Instead I’ll repost my April Fools post of three years ago (and will repost until the end of time…mainly because I’m lazy that way), where I sing to the heavens my deep down hatred of April Fools pranks. I was the inadvertent victim of a nasty prank ten years ago, when I was a grad student at the University of Colorado. Wow. Can’t believe it’s been ten years. Time flies when you’re birthin’ babies. 😉

Why Jen absolutely HATES April Fools Day.

Be nice to people today. No pranks. Do the opposite. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line. Watch a newborn for an hour so the new mom can shower for the first time in days. Take your kids to the movies. Make April Fools Day a positive thing, instead of screwing with someone with pranks. Life’s too short to be mean in the guise of being funny.


  1. I usually like to play innocent little pranks on my babies, or bring them something silly (like those little “hamburgers” made from nilla wafers and candy. Do you know what I’m talking about?) but the kids don’t have school today. 🙁 It’s parent/teacher conference day. I should screw with the parents and tell them all that their babies are being held back, then give them the old “April Fools!” Nah, they wouldn’t even get it! :S

  2. Ugh. I remember that awful week and all your 14-hour days that resulted from it. We all felt so bad for you. And it sucked that you weren’t able to even attend your own classes.

    I still think they shoulda locked the student in a room. And then given you a baseball bat.

    But the part where he stole the Dean’s chair? That *was* kinda funny.

  3. I can see why you dislike April Fool’s Day. I tend to think of April 1st as the day before my dad’s birthday and then it hits me… crap… I haven’t bought him a gift yet, or a card.

    When I was pregnant with my son, his due date was April 13th, and we were nervous that he’d arrive early on the 1st, but he fooled us all and arrived on March 10th. LOL.

  4. Thankfully April Fool’s Day is pretty much a non-event here, because I hate pranks.

    Hoping on your behalf that surviving spring break is a form of penance which will soon lift your black karmic cloud to let the sun back in.

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