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Non sequitur
Non sequitur

Non sequitur

Yup, been a week since the last post. Not intentional, truly, I just figure that if I am tired of the whining about selling the house thoughts in my head I really shouldn’t subject anyone else to them. And I don’t want to write anything that might worry my mom, guilt-trip my husband, or encourage the neighbors to stage some sort of stress intervention.

It says strong. For all of you sneaking glimpses at my chest to read what the necklace says, it says strong. It’s my word of the year, and as I wasn’t going to get a tattoo of it as a reminder, instead I bought a necklace. It’s my way to remember that I’m stronger than I think and to quit reacting to everything with the immediate thought of “I just can’t keep up” or “How much more can I take?” or “I can’t do this.” Now that you know, you all can quit trying to figure it out and resume staring at my chest with the thought of “how can a woman with tits that small go on living?”

Well, it’s almost official. If one twice-exceptional kid wasn’t enough, two is just twice the fun! A is highly gifted with an alphabet soup of challenges; we have documentation proving all of this. J…well, the jury has always been out on him. He’s not as…MORE as his brother, so his issues have never seemed as overwhelming. But. This year the mom senses starting tingling and off for testing we went. He hasn’t been GT tested yet, but likely will in the future. No, we’re jumping right to the 2e issues from which his brother suffers. Last week J had a behavioral optometrist check his eyes. Yup, glasses and a recommendation for vision therapy as soon as we’re settled in Chicago (his eyes are essentially locking up when reading close up and can’t relax to see far). Yesterday, because his speech therapy has stalled (amongst other things), his hearing was checked for Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Well, whaddya know. Though not as bad as A’s significant CAPD, J has it as well and his ear filter is on the way. Not entirely coincidentally, I went out last night with a friend to a wine and cheese bar and then just didn’t give a damn.

Apropos of nothing…kinda like this entire post…A is returning to his ADHD doctor for a reevaluation. In related news, I am not above bribing him to learn to swallow pills.

Saint Joseph, of all the saints, you’re my favoritist. Really, cross my heart. Sorry about burying you upside down in front of my house, but I’d heard you were totally ok with that and if I did, you’d intervene or something and help me sell my house. It’s been over a week, favoritist saint of all, how’s it goin’ on your end? ‘Cause sweetbabyyoursononapony I can’t keep living in this limbo.

Of course, the longer (whimper) we’re here in Colorado, the more we win at The Weather Game. By the time we get to Chicago, their winter will be over and we’ll get an extra long spring. It’s so unseasonably warm lately that my garden is already starting to sprout garlic and rhubarb. Of course, we’re way under on snowfall and fire danger is so high that if you even think of lighting a match outside someone is likely to douse you with their water bottle.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Post of Absolutely Nothing of Importance. Stay tuned, perhaps there will be another sometime this month.


Someone buy my house already…


  1. I love this quote: “And I don’t want to write anything that might worry my mom, guilt-trip my husband, or encourage the neighbors to stage some sort of stress intervention.”

    If this were the case, most of the bloggers I read would be silent. In fact, my own site would gather dust.

    Just sayin’.

  2. When I read that you had a word and bought yourself a necklace with it, I wanted to jump on here and talk about that right away.
    I too picked one word for the year-first time ever doing this- and bought myself a bracelet with the word on it. My word is Peace.
    As for living in limbo, I wish you all kinds of luck and will send you prayers. I know living in limbo, no matter what you are waiting for just sucks!
    Any way, good luck πŸ™‚

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