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Not everything can be fixed with duct tape
Not everything can be fixed with duct tape

Not everything can be fixed with duct tape

Remember the beautiful, wonderful, shiny-white doors we got ourselves for Christmas? Right now, burning them to heat the house and therefore lowering our gas bill is looking mighty good.

Things to note:

  • they will be too wide.
  • they will require at least three separate trips to Home Depot
  • you will strip out the screw holes on at least one door, likely two doors, causing the wood to split in many directions
  • this will require many profane words in front of the younguns and the use of Gorilla Glue to attach the hinges
  • (my money is on the glue not working and another trip to Home Depot before Wednesday)
  • you will get one installed and discover that, no matter how accurately you measured, that the door is 1/4 inch too high for the doorknob latch
  • you will reinstall the door, find the latch now clicks, and then notice the large gaps between the door and door jamb above and below the door. you call it “character” and leave.

This little escapade has convinced me that if we ever remodel the kitchen I am moving out for the entire project. It has also convinced me that I may strangle my husband if we do a large home-improvement project.

So much for a relaxing Sunday…


  1. Sarah

    I’m sorry … but I’m laughing.

    Good luck – one thing I like about renting – when the toilet starts not flushing right, I make one (or two) phone call(s) and it’s fixed!

  2. Well, as a master carpenter’s daughter, I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years. A great way to help screws go into a pre-drilled hole is to place the screw into a bar of soap first or liquid soap, to lube it up. Typically the screw will go right in with out much fussing.

    I truly hate those “no-problem” jobs that turn into hair-pulling experiences, luckily Home Depot is less than 1 mile from my house.

    From your experience, I think I know why my dad hasn’t offered to replace my 50 year old doors when he is visiting.

    And trust me- no matter how frustrated you feel in this moment, it’s better than a leaking toilet, at least they are warming your house!

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