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Not so bad Monday
Not so bad Monday

Not so bad Monday

Ooh, guess what I got today? Just guess…

My sunglasses. The ones that have been on backorder for 4 months. Yeah, those.

It’s a good day. It’s so nice to be able to drive with my eyes open for a change.

Tonight…ahhh…tonight I get to hear the English language get butchered for the very last time. ‘Tis the final State of the Union Address by the Moron Current Occupant. I will have a drink in hand; pretty much the only way I can stand to listen/watch/admit I’m on the same planet as that man. I would play a drinking game…you know the one…where you take a drink every time he mentions 9/11, but I’m afraid of alcohol poisoning. I really don’t know how he’s going to stand there and declare “the state of the union is strong” with a straight face, but hey, that’s me. Go ahead, ignore gas prices/home foreclosure rates/the current recession/the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan/health care…sigh… You know what would make watching the speech wonderful fun? If I could watch it with a MST3K-like commentary going on. That’d be awesome.

I actually (gasp!) finished a book…review to follow in the next day or so.

Same with a reasonably current picture; so many of you are right on with “tall” and “glasses.”

Same with my ramblings on time management. That right there oughta say volumes on me and time management.

Oh well. At least I can see outside now.


  1. sorry….i’m a total airhead. i thought you were talking about your GOVERNOR’S state of the union speech. uh…we’re talking BUSH!
    Hmmm, maybe i’ll play a drinking game WITH you! 😉
    Nah, I think I’d rather watch Jack Bauer die (again) on our Netflix copy of 24. 😉

  2. I’m totally with you. My bottle of red wine is ready and waiting. It has NO idea what it’s up for tonight. It’s not going to last long. But, on the bright side, it is the LAST time we’ll have to listen to the dope in a SOTU and lie, lie, lie.

    And I’m glad your sunglasses finally came.

    That makes me realized that I guess I’ve been a bit of a lurker. So, hi!

  3. RC

    OMG – I haven’t thought about MST3K in years! My little sister actually went to an MST3K convention, in Minnesota, when she was in high school…

    As for the glasses, it appears the wood nymphs have finally come through for you! As for me, I’m still waiting for my non-scratched lenses to come in…

  4. momunplugged

    OK, I used to watch MST3K back when I had TV, and it was hilarious! (Is it still on?) The thought of that format for the State of the Union totally cheers me up! Thanks for the HUGE laugh!

  5. Alcohol poisoning! that was hilarious!

    I avoided the tv version so that I wouldn’t have to listen to him and watch all the stupid people clapping for no reason and just read the transcript immediately after (its nice, they leave out the clapping)

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