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Now, let’s get to work
Now, let’s get to work

Now, let’s get to work

Today is my Gram’s birthday, or would have been, had Alzheimer’s not taken her a few years ago. The lady loved a good party, and today we all partied. I will lift a glass to her this evening, in her memory, and in celebration of the future of our country.

I attended an inauguration once, 20 years ago, for Bush 41. This was much better. Warmer, for one. Hopeful, for another.

I sat and watched the swearing-in this morning, alone in the house for a change, alternating between cheers and soul-deep sobbing. Today is the first day of our future. Corny, I know, but accurate. I lingered on the couch as long as I could justify, for I knew as soon as I rose that things would be different.

See, I was pregnant with A eight years ago when the Past Occupant (damn, that feels good to type) was sworn in. And I have always seemed to connect the disaster of his administration with the difficulties of parenting/raising A/dealing with it all. Before 43 was sworn in, things were not easy by any means, but easier. Then he got sworn in…and A was born (and didn’t sleep/wouldn’t gain weight/had colic/ongoing challenges)…and 9/11 hit…and it was downhill from there. I have deep faith that the country will improve under President Obama (and that feels even better to type), and deeper hope that things will improve with A. The next four years will be years of growth, of change, of improvement…for the country, for my son.

Now, let’s get to work. We have a lot of challenges ahead of us. And we are capable and strong enough for every every challenge that comes our way.

Let’s go.


  1. cms8741

    I’m with you on connecting parenting challenges to Bush. About 9 months into the Bush Administration, I tried conceiving and the state of disaster has been about status quo since then — if not fertility challenges, then adoption challenges, then challenges of dealing with an overly energetic child, then challenges of dealing with two kids, then challenges of coming to terms that the oldest has a LOT of special needs.

    I’m sure a change of mood in the country will certainly help shift moods in the house!

  2. Hula Doula

    I’m not cheering per say but I am hopeful that the changes that he does are a positive thing for the country and for its citizens.
    I’ll be in prayer and in hopes that good will happen.

  3. Yes, this is the ushering in of a new era and there is much work to be done and it is we the people who must chop the wood and carry the water. The question is can we get off of our spoiled over indulged butts as a whole and make this happen. I think the energy and unity is there and that we can. The key is to remember that our new President cannot do this without us.

  4. Dave

    Every morning I walked, in uniform, into my office building. To get to my office I had to walk past a picture of W and his pompus smirk. Now, for the first time in 8 years, I walk past the picture of a man I am proud to call my Commander-In-Chief.

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