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Oh, I was doing so well, too
Oh, I was doing so well, too

Oh, I was doing so well, too

I’m not dead, I’m overwhelmed to the point of paralysis. From what I’ve gathered, the universe  has been distributing random wedgies today and there’s a lot of people out there going “WTF???”

Tomorrow will be better. I hope.


  1. full moon this past weekend wiped a lot of people out. Don’t kid yourself that it doesn’t affect you. your body (and mine) is 90% water, and that water has the same salinity level (salt content) as the oceans. The full moon makes the tides super high and super low. Don’t think it does not affect us in a similar way. nobody sleeps well, everybody’s a little cranky, stuff gets weird. It’ll even out toward the weekend. Keep the faith.

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