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Oh, poo
Oh, poo

Oh, poo

I’m stuck at home with the boys today, not going anywhere. J is on spring break this week and next (and don’t even get me started on a preschooler having a 2 week spring break!) and A is home sick.

A is totally fine…except…

This morning he got up (we think around 5 or so) and made himself comfy on the couch (sigh…) with Honey Nut Cheerios and his Leapster.

And was on the receiving end of a raging case of diarrhea that came on so quickly and violently that he didn’t make it off the couch. And then stayed there. We discovered this at about 6:45 or so this morning.

So he’s home today, having a Mythbusters marathon. We can’t go anywhere because he needs to be dashing distance to a bathroom…not that having a bathroom nearby this morning made any difference.

Me? I’m stuck here with a to-do list as long as my arm and two little boys who have the gall to insist on being fed and entertained. It’s going to be a tv day for both of them today. Plus, I’m going to be fumigating my couch. Round one and it still smells like it was crapped upon. I’ll give it another round of the official sofa cleaner and then try the Bac-Out I got at Whole Foods the other day. It’s in a room that gets rather warm in the afternoon…I’d really like to get the scent out before it heats up in here. Ick.  And then I’ll start scrubbing all touchable surfaces. No idea what A got into to give him such a tummy.

My poor friends in real life are probably going to be a bit wary sitting on my furniture now, including poor Denise, who’s coming over tomorrow for a playdate. Thankfully the couch is already brown. 😉 It’s shaping up to be a craptastic day…


  1. BTDT. Well, without the having sat in it for 2 hours part. Oh yeah, did that too (but thankfully in an able to be fumigated crib, not on the couch). M had diarrhea for TWO FREAKING MONTHS as a toddler. What a nightmare. I still weep at the memory…

    So anyway, yes, I feel your pain. I’m not sure margaritas will cut it this time, I’m sending Long Island Ice Teas.

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