where wildly different is perfectly normal
No one is safe…
No one is safe…

No one is safe…

Dang it, what is going on? Do we have no privacy left? Go here…check for your name…sigh…stinkin’ Homeland Security…

Have a good weekend. Happy Easter!


  1. I’m proud to say you did NOT get me with this one. Fortunately (or is that unfortunately?) for me, I have a goofy brother who sends me stuff like this constantly, so I’d seen it before. Nice try, though! 😉

    Happy Easter!

  2. Man, I wish that was my driver’s license. I’d put up with the bad hair day if my weight REALLY was 120! 😉

    Sent this to my brother. He’s all paranoid the government is watching him and that all of his information is out there for everyone to see. He’ll either get a kick out of this or he’ll come to my house and kick me.

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