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Owie owie owie
Owie owie owie

Owie owie owie

A had his tonsils out yesterday. And his adenoids. And tubes put in. Poor baby. He was so excited going in, it was all a grand adventure. And then he woke up. The look in his eyes was “what happened and why did you do this to me?” Or maybe it was the anesthetic wearing off. Yesterday was very long. I stayed with him all day, Tom stayed with him last night. He’s doing much better now, but it’s going to be a hell of a challenge getting him to drink. If he gets dehydrated he’s back to the hospital for an IV. The other miserable challenge is keeping him quiet for two weeks. The nurse told me that this morning and I just laughed. I’ll do my damnest, but c’mon! This is A, the Oxford Dictionary definition of more. So let’s hope. All the videos and ice cream he wants for two weeks, if it’ll keep him quiet. Tom is actually going to go check out video game sets. We have never caved on this before, but may now. A got to play Nintendo last night at the hospital, and it was good motivation for him to keep quiet and takes his meds. So we’ll see. In the meantime, I have a ton to do now that I’m home.
Oh.My.Hell. A just got up, paused his show, and went to the bathroom. No big deal for most 5 year olds, but my jaw is saying hi to my toes. Wow.
Back to the to-do list. Ta!

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