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Well, A is home and resting. No, let’s make that home and I’m forcing him to rest. The pain meds he’s on is supposed to knock him out and it just ain’t doing that! The best I can get is a TV induced stupor, but I’ll take it. As long as he drinks and takes his meds, he’ll be fine. But when his throat really hurts he doesn’t want to do either.

All this kiddie tv is melting my brain. The boys don’t watch much tv, and there’s a reason: kiddie tv sucks. Really, really sucks. Dora makes me nuts, Blue is repetitive beyond words (and yes, I know it’s supposed to be), and Elmo…don’t get me started on Elmo. I loved Sesame Street until Elmo moved onto the block. So what do the boys watch? The Magic School Bus. Between the Lions. A little bit of Bob the Builder (borderline annoying). Wallace and Gromit videos. DVDs of the old Electric Company. VeggieTales. And that’s about it. The qualifications for watching in this house are simple: if mommy doesn’t like it, it ain’t on. That’s why there is no BooBahs, no Teletubbies, and no Spongebob (ok, I do find Spongebob funny, but I don’t want the boys imitating him). And dear God help us all if either one of them ever sees an episode of Peewee Herman. Gah.

A starts kindergarten three weeks from tomorrow. 🙂

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