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Prepping for a trip=Jen needs more wine
Prepping for a trip=Jen needs more wine

Prepping for a trip=Jen needs more wine

I hate planning for trips. No, strike that. I like planning for trips, it’s the pre-trip prep that is murder. Usually because I’m the one running around like a mad-woman, getting everything together while Tom works. At least that’s not the case this time, in no small part to me threatening to smother him in his sleep if he did.

Yesterday we lost power for a solid hour due to a storm that blew up out of nowhere. We weren’t supposed to get rain. Well, we didn’t get just rain. We got rain…hail…bigger hail…wind…power outage…tornado. No power=no idea there was a tornado. No storm sirens in town=no idea there was a tornado. Husband who is tornado obsessed (lost his house at age 12 while he was in the basement) and would love to actually see one but looked out the wrong window=no idea there was a tornado.

And all I could think as the minutes ticked by and there was still no power was: HOLY CRAP I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO BEFORE THE TRIP AND THAT LAUNDRY ISN’T GOING TO DO ITSELF AND GOOD GOD EVERYTHING I NEED TO DO INVOLVES ELECTRICITY. And then my head stopped working and fell off, because apparently it too needs power to function. Note to self: getting an iPhone can’t come soon enough. Verizon, c’mon, offer the iPhone…soon.

When Tom and I went to Disney World three years ago for our 10th anniversary (and really, I highly recommend adults go without kids at least once), it was a piece of cake. Pack bags, leave notes on the feeding and watering of the cherubs, and get the hell outta town. Not so this trip. We must plan rests, contingency plans, Secret Service plans (grab the kid, keep low to the ground, and run like hell), and how to get J to eat anything other than mac ‘n cheese (one severely constipated kid is plenty, thankyouverymuch). Must make info cards to stick in the boys’ lanyards with “I’m lost” information. Must make date cards for the boys to hold when I take their pictures every morning. Yes, I could do without that, but it makes it tons easier to keep track of pictures for scrapbooking, and terrible as it sounds, a picture of the boys (and what they’re wearing)  every morning will help with finding them if they got lost.

Can’t forget medicines, supplements, earplugs, sunscreen (trying to find sunscreen north of Denver? Sorry, it’s in my bedroom…I tire of the lobster look). Remember the iPod, the Leapsters, the ponchos. Can’t leave without the laundry sheets (’cause inevitably someone will have a toileting accident and need to do laundry), the cell phone chargers (my cell is dying…Verizon…please! Offer the iPhone…please!), reading material for the flights.

On the bright side…don’t need a stroller or 50 pound carseat. Two lightweight boosters and that’s it.

We’re off to The Happiest Place On Earth and I couldn’t be happier. The full moon is waning (craziness will begin to cease), we’ll have backup (my parents are meeting us there and we’re going to surprise the boys), and they’re old enough to remember this trip. A’s sensory issues and ADHD are better understood. J is coming out of his shell and actually talks to people, and dude, we get to see a shuttle launch.

Family time doesn’t get any better than this.


  1. Wow. Your trip is tomorrow!?!?!? Already????? (It is tomorrow, right? I keep thinking you said it was a Tuesday.) HAVE FUN. Shuttle launch and Disney — sounds like a great time. I’ll be thinking of you!!

  2. Jen

    So sorry we’re not going to be there at the same time, Jen! Would’ve been a blast! Anyway, have tons of fun, don’t get too lobster-ish, and give us the scoop when you get back. We leave on the 16th! 🙂

  3. bbginanp

    have fun. travel safe. eat at the very cool Japanese steak house and let the chef juggle your dinner on the grill. have a good time, take lots of pictures and come back to us safe and sound (and soon)!

  4. JEALOUS!!! You’re going to have a great time! Be sure to take advantage of the Photo Pass-it’s free and, you’ll actually get to be in some of the pictures, that NEVER happens when you’re the mom, now, does it? Seriously, have a great time 🙂

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