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Summer Stock Sunday
Summer Stock Sunday

Summer Stock Sunday

Summer Stock Sunday

Robin at Around the Island has started Summer Stock Sunday, where we can showcase our summer photos. Stunner of stunner, I actually have photos. Are they pics of the tornado that touched down a mile from your house this afternoon while your power was out? No! Amazingly not.

Last weekend we went up to Estes Park to meet with my friend Kate and her family. Kate is a fanfreakingtastic nature photographer, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll go check out her website (the last three photos under recent work are from her trip). We went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and took pictures. She has the really, really good ones (you know, the ones by a person who knows what the heck she’s doing as opposed to making it up and hoping for the best), and I don’t have those yet. I do have the ones Tom took on our little pocket camera…because the batteries in the good camera died ten steps into the hike (banging head).

Hiking boys

These two had such a great time on this hike. Exuberant yet cautious, unusual for them. We can’t wait to go back.

view from the top

This was taken at the top of Alberta Falls. A hike. Then a climb up to the top (over and through snow). And worth every step.

pretty lady and son

Kate and her sweet son. Isn’t she beautiful? I miss her so much. We’ve been friends since freshman year of high school; we’re like sisters. I keep trying to convince her to move out here, but it seems there’s the small detail of her husband finding a job. Bleh.

familyA rare family shot. Even rarer that there was no one butting in at this prime photo location outside Estes Park.

Summer usually means gardening, or putzing around the house, enjoying the warmth. But sometimes it also means hiking. Can’t wait to go again.


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