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Random musings on an October afternoon

How to tell if you have crappy builder-grade carpet: Have it professionally cleaned. A few short hours later, notice that it doesn’t really look that much better.

The leaves are just past prime out here in Colorado. A few days ago, they were so vibrant. They had this internal glow that was almost supernatural. But now the leaves are falling off the trees and the branches poke up like skeletal fingers into the sky.

I leave tomorrow for my twice a year sanity trip (uh, scrapbooking retreat) to Winter Park. Can’t come soon enough and yet, I’m not ready.

A has an appointment next Wednesday at the sleep clinic at Children’s Hospital. I’m relieved we have an appointment and am looking forward to it. There’s something wrong. No five year old should be so exhausted at 11am that he is unable to fall asleep in the car on the way home from Target. The more I see kids his age the more I realize that there’s something wrong with his body.

I had a great post in my head last night as I fell asleep and it’s gone. Flushed with the other flotsam and jetsam my brain gets rid of every night.

My plan to drop a lot from my to-do list seems to be working. I’m slightly less stressed now. I simply took off a lot of crap that either wasn’t urgent, wasn’t getting done anyway, or I just didn’t care about. A lot of it was stuff I just needed to be reminded about every day and I decided that if I needed a daily reminder, it wasn’t that urgent and to hell with it. I started off today with 9 items and most of them are done. I’ve been able to work on projects, sit down, and be a bit happier. So far, so good.

I got an 80 gig iPod for my birthday. I think I’m the last musician in the world to get one. So many gigs, so much music. I think back to college and how wonderful it would have been to have an iPod then and I get all teary-eyed. Music classes would have been so much easier. We had to do “drop the needle” tests for 2, maybe 3, years. What’s a “drop the needle” test? Every few weeks we were told to “get thee to the music library and get this collection of recordings” and we’d make copies for our tape players (yes, before the days of CD burning, back in the dark ages of the early ’90s). Then we’d listen and listen and listen and listen some more, essentially memorizing these hideous recordings for the big test day. This was the most fun when we were learning, oh, Gregorian Chant and all the damn music sounded the same. Then, the prof would “drop the needle” (uh, this refers back to the seriously dark ages of vinyl recordings), playing a piece of music from any point in the piece and we would have to give the piece, the movement, the composer, and any other vital information the prof wanted, like if the composer died of syphilis or gonnorhea (it was usually one or the other). ; ) Since the pieces we needed to listen to were on tape, it usually meant we were tied to our tape players back at home. If we could have downloaded the music onto an iPod and listened as we treked around campus…oh, I shudder with the possibilities. Then again, the time saved would have been sucked up with email and IMing, so it’s probably for the best. But in the meantime, I’m having a hell of a good time playing with my new toy.

I suppose I should go prep for my trip. It’s just soo nice to have a little bit of quiet with one kid at school and the other asleep. Mmmmm….

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  1. cursingmama cursingmama

    still with the scrapbooking – – how long until I woo you to the dark side with the soft goodness of alpaca yarn?

    Have a fun sanity break!

  2. Karin Karin

    Nope, this is a houseful of musicians and zero iPods…lol!

    I can’t scrapbook unless I’m around other people jabbering. Then I can actually accomplish something. On my own, I like to sew. Soooo relaxing! 🙂

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