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Ready, set, OMG what have I done?
Ready, set, OMG what have I done?

Ready, set, OMG what have I done?

It’s the first day of both NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo! A full month of frantic writing. Typing until I have nothing but bloody nubs for fingers. Lost in thought over blog posts and plot and character development and word count (note: I advise not driving anywhere near me for the next 30 days).

And just how much have I gotten accomplished on this, the very first day of November, the writingest month of the year?

You’re looking at it.

Yes, in true House of Chaos fashion, life has elbowed its way in front of the fun and interesting stuff. Because while doctors appointments and trips to Costco and working and overseeing homework and washing sheets and towels is what life is made of, it is not conducive to creative endeavors. It is actually the exact opposite of creative endeavors, and pretty much sucks my soul dry. Except for the trip to Costco; there’s a liquor store next door and I was able to stock up on wine. Life’s better now.

In a mere moment, I shall press “publish,” and I will be covered on Day One of NaBlo. Days two through thirty will follow (duh) and I will attempt to have as few filler posts as possible. No promises. Chaos reigns, I just hold on for the ride.

Welcome to NaBlo!


Yes, this was a total filler post. I would hang my head in shame, but I have a full glass of Shiraz here and I can’t swallow looking at the floor.


  1. *lol* I am trying the NaBloPoMo for my two blogs. It’s day one, and I already completely understand your need for a filler post.

    Thanks for making me feel a little less inadequate tonight, and good luck. 🙂

    1. Jen

      Wow! NaBlo on TWO blogs!? Dude, that’s awesome! LOL! I’m thrilled with one, not sure I have enough words to fill two. 😉
      Good luck to you too, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, I haven’t done NaBloPoMo in a while…. looks like I’m going to start today either! Have a fabu time and I can’t wait to read your entries! (BTW LOVE the “Sharing is sexy” bit, I need that for my photo blog!) Good luck chicka!

    1. Jen

      Oh, you could put something down tonight, I’m sure! 😉 LOL
      And the “sharing is sexy” is a plug-in for a wordpress blog. Found it and fell in love. LOL!
      Thanks for the luck, I’ma gonna need it!

  3. I decided to do something kinda liberating…whatever the hell I want. I don’t want deadlines or pressure or nothing. So, I’m not doing anything. I’ll write. But on my terms.

    But you go on with your stuff…I will gnash my teeth about it when you have a novel done and I’m still writing about my belly button lint.

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