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Friday night stream of consciousness
Friday night stream of consciousness

Friday night stream of consciousness

It’s Friday night. I got nuttin’. Just sitting here, watching the news, enjoying some wine. If it hasn’t been obvious, I’m struggling a bit lately, but I got some good news tonight and felt some stress lift. I need a vacation. Not going to get one any time soon, but I really need one. So does my husband. The newscaster just used the word “bonked.” Not often you hear that. Have I mentioned that I could really use a vacation? It was really warm today. Like, in the 70s warm. In November. Hot. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Ohhh, the Costco cheese recall. Haven’t heard? A Gouda cheese that you sampled in store was recalled for e-coli. Guess who bought some? Yes, us. And ate most of it. Not enough to return and get a refund, so I tossed the last little bit this morning. That would explain why Tom hasn’t felt well lately, and truly felt lousy on Monday. Yes, if it’s going to happen, look to the House of Chaos. Holy hell, the Christmas gift show already? Really? It was in the 70s today, I’m not ready for Christmas. Not even remotely. Suppose I should get on that. My holiday is Thanksgiving. Best holiday of the year. I look forward to it all year long. My favorite day. An awesome parade (still regret that I never got to be in it), family, delicious smells, the anticipation of the holiday season, memories of previous Thanksgivings (like watching the Rockettes with my Gram; I still get choked up and cry…and I watch every year to see if Santa will lose his pants), great foods. My parents are coming out this year for the whole Thanksgiving week and I’m so happy. I miss my family. I need to find some black cat-eye glasses for something I’m doing. With Christmas taking over and Halloween already forgotten, I have no idea where I’m going to find those. Same with fishnet stockings for these long legs. Nuts, now I have Christmas shopping taking over my brain. Since we’re going to Chicago for part of the holidays (yay!), I need to have gifts and cards and everything done before we leave. Gargh. Holy crap, 78 tomorrow? For realz? It’s November, right? Again, not so much complaining as huh? Oh, ok, low 50s by midweek. Tomorrow I’m taking the boys to the zoo for a scout thingamajig. At least it’ll be warm. And maybe I’ll be able to fake the patience long enough to have a good time. I am convinced that the greatest invention of the modern world is the electric blanket. A magical creation, it makes the bed cozy and happy and a welcoming entity. Forget the interwebz, the electric blanket is where it’s at. Ahhhh, there’s the wine. Glad you could join the party, Shiraz. Can you believe that I’ve lived in Colorado for 13 years and I’ve never been skiing? I’ve never been further west that Vail, for that matter. I think we may take the boys on a tour of Colorado next summer. Down to Four Corners, the Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, around to Grand Junction…they’ve been begging to go and sounds like fun. Load up the MomVan and head out. Did you know that emails multiply with breathing? The more you breathe, the more there are. Don’t believe me? Go breathe somewhere away from your computer and WHAM! More emails. Amazing how that works. Ooh, it’s Fall Back weekend, I get an extra hour of sleep. The boys’ sleep schedule will be frakked for the next several weeks, but that one hour… Great, hiccups. I’m not a fan. Eh…why must I suffer through Letterman when I just want to watch Craig Ferguson? Oh. Ick. The McRib is back. Not only are my arteries slamming shut and my body freaking out about the gluten, but my entire soul is screaming WRONG! Show me the part of the pig that is a molded and formed pork product and I’ll consider it. Hm. I have so much to do lately that I think I need to schedule every item of my to-do list into every minute of my day. I did this in college and got immense amounts accomplished. I think I need to return to this; trying to get a bunch of stuff done in a wide-open day isn’t working. New York City Marathon is this weekend. I.Would.Rather.Chew.My.Sons’.Toenails. I need a vacation; I’ve mentioned this, haven’t I?

Oh, is this a filler post?

Bet your sweet ass it is.


  1. Just please don’t say it was the smoked gouda.
    Our family spent a week and a half in Colorado 4 years ago … rented a car and drove the whole state. Mesa Verde was my favorite, except for driving up there … close your eyes. Of course, everything was beautiful. Wish I had known all my gtchat friends then b/c we probably drove past all your houses!

    1. Jen

      Um, if it was a gouda you could sample and then buy, yeah, that’s the one. I can’t remember if it’s a smoked gouda or not.
      And we went to Mesa Verde shortly after we moved here; it’s time to take the boys.

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  3. Lori

    when i need a vacation (and I totally do right now!) i use the phrase.. “Spain in my brain!”.. makes me feel like that chick in Eat Pray Love, but without the trust fund. 😉

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